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International Cooperation

In the field of international cooperation, Anprotec develops important projects and has established strategic partnerships to make its actions more effective. For this reason, it joined the International Association of Scientific Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) and, in 2013, became the Brazil Chapter of the Triple Helix Association (THA), being responsible for the coordination and establishment of THA’s activities throughout the country. Next, we highlight the projects reinforcing Anprotec’s international operations:

International Missions

Anprotec has been promoting international missions since 2004 to learn about innovation systems and the best practices in innovative environments in other countries, so as to adjust good examples to the Brazilian reality and increase public policies for innovative entrepreneurship. In 2012, the Brazilian delegation visited Belgium, Holland, Ireland and England; in 2013, they went to Finland and China.


This is a project co-funded by the European Commission and with activities coordinated by the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), Anprotec’s partner, which supports the program in Brazil. Its goal is to promote entrepreneurs’ exchange, allowing European visitors to discover the Brazilian environments, to interact with residents and partners from each institution and to pursue alliances with Brazilian companies that are connected with Anprotec’s members with a view to making business in Brazil. Learn more


Created and funded by the European Commission, B.Bice+ promotes the cooperation within the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation between Brazil and countries that are members of the European Union (EU). In 2014, various activities within the program were held during the Anprotec annual event: round-table discussions, workshops, business rounds and Tour of Brazil – a presentation of opportunities for MPEs, science parks, business incubators and other innovation agents to cooperate with Europe. Learn more


Anprotec selected three companies to interact with undertakings in Portugal, Spain and France, so as to foster business partnerships. Representatives from the selected companies and from Anprotec took part in the official closing of the event held in Madrid in October 2014. Learn more


The ELAN Programme (European and Latin American Business Services and Innovation Network) is a European Union (EU) initiative that seeks to increase and diversify the EU economic presence in Latin America, by meeting the Latin American demand for knowledge and innovative technologyThe EU financed  programme is implemented through two interdependent strategies: ELAN Network and ELAN Biz.


Land2land is an internationalization support program developed through a partnership between Anprotec and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The program prepares companies and Brazilian innovation environments to internationalize their operations and also brings science parks and business incubators close to innovative undertakings from any country, as long as they are interested in getting support to settle in innovation environments. For this purpose, the program offers through its platform (the website information about registered innovation environments, such as activity sector, services provided and technological and marketing differentials, among others. Learn more

Anprotec Conference

To reach the various audiences linked to entrepreneurship and innovation, Anprotec and Sebrae hold the annual Anprotec Conference, considered the biggest innovative entrepreneurship event in Latin America. Activities include mini-courses, forums and workshops as well as plenary and interactive meetings attended by a growing public. Learn more

Other activities

As the leader of the movement in Brazil, the Association operates through training activities and the articulation of public policies as well as the generation and propagation of knowledge.


With the increase of incubators in Brazil, Anprotec made an effort to consolidate a model to improve the results obtained by these innovation environments. With this goal in mind, the Key Reference Center to Support New Undertakings (Cerne) was created in partnership with Sebrae. Cerne is a platform of solutions to broaden the incubator’s capacity to systematically generate successful innovative undertakings. The model presents key practices associated with maturity levels (Cerne 1, Cerne 2, Cerne 3 and Cerne 4), which represent the incubator’s progress towards continuous improvement. Learn more

Anprotec Educational Program

In order to contribute to the qualification of professionals able to work in innovation environments, in 2014 the Anprotec Educational Program was launched in partnership with Sebrae. The program was created in a modular format, enabling the continuous learning for managers to lead Brazilian innovation environments to excellence.

The first course, offered as a pilot version, was oriented to the qualification of business incubators managers, and focused on the creation and development of innovative business. Therefore, a totally strategic approach was used, leaving operational aspects in the background.

National Prize for Innovative Entrepreneurship

Another initiative that recognizes good practices and the participants of the movement is the National Prize for Innovative Entrepreneurship, which includes six categories: best business incubator oriented to the creation and intense use of technologies (PIT); best business incubator oriented to local and sector development (DLS); best science park (PTH); best project promoting the culture of innovative entrepreneurship (CEI); best incubated business (EI); and best graduated business (EG). Recognizing new winners every year, the Prize is an initiative organized in partnership with Sebrae, which shows society the contributing potential of the innovative entrepreneurship movement for Brazil’s sustainable development. Learn more

Partnerships with large companies

Aware that the growth of the businesses of the movement – installed in incubators and science parks – depends on strategic alliances with the private sector, Anprotec has striven to foster closer relations with large corporations that have innovation as their main competitive advantage, such as 3M, Natura and Samsung. This practice, already consolidated in the international scenario, has contributed to enhance the impact of innovative products and solutions developed by small and medium enterprises, stimulating the development of innovation ecosystems.


Anprotec’s actions and results are disclosed to all society through important communication tools, such as Revista Locus (a quarterly publication), Info-e (weekly electronic newsletter), the Association’s website and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to these periodical channels, Anprotec issues publications about innovative innovating entrepreneurship that tells the story of the movement in the country. The Association also issues and sells works on topics such as planning, marketing and governance, which are targeted for science parks and business incubators managers that want to improve the management of innovation environments.

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