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Established in 1987, the Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators (Anprotec) has approximately 300 members, including business incubators, science parks, education and research institutions, government bodies and other entities focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. As the leader of the movement in Brazil, the Association operates through training activities and the articulation of public policies as well as the generation and propagation of knowledge.

Anprotec’s trajectory is directly linked to the development of Brazilian business incubators and science parks. The implementation of these environments in different regions has spread the idea of innovative entrepreneurship throughout the country, resulting in the consolidation of one of the world’s largest science park and business incubator systems. Currently, Brazil has 400 business incubators and approximately 90 science parks initiatives.

The success of these mechanisms for supporting innovation has marked the trajectory and evolution of Anprotec and has made a substantial contribution to consolidating a strong and competitive knowledge-based industry. Confident in the work of the institutions it represents, Anprotec, together with the various partners involved in each of its initiatives, continues to do everything possible to ensure that innovative entrepreneurship makes a decisive contribution to Brazil’s sustainable development.


To add value to and represent and defend the interests of entities that promote innovative projects, especially business incubators, science parks and technopoles, reinforcing these models as instruments for the sustainable development of Brazil, aiming at the creation and strengthening of knowledge-based companies.


To be increasingly recognized and valued – in Brazil and abroad – as a leading institution involved in the creation, development and consolidation of innovative projects that foster the economic, social and cultural transformation of regions and nations.

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Anprotec operates in the innovative entrepreneurship sector by supporting entities that promote innovation and training entrepreneurs and administrators working in the local science park and business incubator movement.

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