The Cerne – Reference Center for Business Incubation, created by Anprotec in partnership with Sebrae, is a management model designed to improve incubators results in both quantitative and qualitative terms. The aim of the platform is to systematically generate successful innovative companies. In Brazil, more than 140 incubators are already implementing the model and achieving excellent results.



Cerne was conceived as a maturity model for the incubator’s capacity to generate successful innovative companies. There are four levels of maturity, as follows:

Cerne 1 – Project: all the processes and practices are directly related to the development of the companies. Such processes include planning, quali cation, advisory, selection and monitoring, as well as practices directly linked to managing the incubator, such as nancial management and management of physical and technological infrastructure. In this level, the incubator demonstrates its capacity to prospect and select good ideas.

Cerne 2 – Incubator: the focus here is to ensure the effective management of the incubator as an organization. Therefore, it has to implement processes that ensure its strategic management, the expansion of the services provided to the target public, as well as the evaluation of its results and impacts.

Cerne 3 – Partnership network: here the aim is to consolidate a network of partners to expand the incubator’s activities, creating effective instruments capable of meeting non-resident companies’ needs. Thus, the incubator strengthens its operations as one of the “knots” in the network of those agents involved in promoting the innovative process.

Cerne 4 – International operations: equipped with the structure implemented in the previous levels, the incubator now has suf cient maturity to operate in the international sphere and systematically promote the globalization of the incubated companies.



Proactivity: operating in an integrated and proactive manner

Visibility: more visible processes and results

Transparency: open processes

Quantity: more graduate companies

Quality: projects with a minimum quality standard

Financial sustainability: increased volume and types of revenue



Access the paper “Reference Center for Business Incubation: a proposal for a new model of operation” and learn more about Cerne.